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Metawork is a blazing-fast, low-overhead, and always-on system for recording every aspect of your code's execution—all on your infrastructure so that we never see your data.

The Metawork alpha is now available for
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1. Install the Metawork CLI
eval "$(curl -fsSL"
2. Install language runtime
mw install ruby
3. Run the tutorial script
ruby "$METAWORK_HOME/learn/ruby.rb"
Not using Ruby or Node.js? Metawork for Python, PHP, Java, Rust, and Go are in active development.
Here's how it works.
Supercharge your favorite programming language
Metawork captures every aspect of your code's execution—from function arguments and return values to call sites and timing data. It takes note of how threads of execution tie together, properly capturing the execution order of things like coroutines and async functions. Metawork uses novel technology to produce such low overhead that it can be “always on” in every environment, so you'll never have to figure out how to reproduce a development, CI or production bug again.
Elevate your understanding of code to a new level
We argue that understanding someone else’s code is much harder than writing your own—even when that someone else is past you! With Metawork, you’ll be able to understand code and how it works faster than you ever imagined possible. You can take any recording, from any environment, and walk through it slowly and methodically, examining arguments, return values, and even contextual values like self in Ruby. Stop relying on best-effort abstractions like logs, and let Metawork get you everything you need, all the time.
Search for any needle in the haystack
Metawork indexes every value it captures, so that you can search across the entire corpus of execution data for your application as long as that data hasn’t expired. Just imagine what this power unlocks: is there a certain string that crashes a given operation? Find every other operation across your application that has seen it. Did support only give you the email of a customer who reported a problem checking out last night at around 10 pm? Instantly find every recording with that address in that time period, down to the exact function that misbehaved.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Metawork cost?
Metawork is completely free to use while in alpha. However we decide to charge for Metawork in the future, you can know we’ll never sell your data—we can’t, because we never see it!
How does Metawork work? Is it a plug-in? An add-on?
Neither! Metawork is delivered via supercharged versions of your favorite language runtimes and you do not have to alter the configuration of your services. You download Metawork runtimes along with the Metawork binary and install them individually, depending on what languages you want instrumented.
Do you see my data and code?
No, we never see your application execution data or source code. Metawork runs entirely on your infrastructure.
What does Metawork instrument?
Metawork automatically records the execution of code it interprets as important to you, including code Metawork interprets as user-written and commonly-used framework code. This includes Rack and Active Job programs in Ruby and Express and NextJS programs in Node.js.
How long does it take me to start using Metawork?
Installing Metawork and experiencing a tutorial script to explore the product takes less than thirty seconds on a good internet connection.
What overhead does Metawork incur on my application?
Metawork is designed for always-on use in every environment. Overhead isn’t noticeable in local development or in production, where we use Metawork at all times.
Metawork for Python, PHP, Java, Rust, and Go are in active development.
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The Metawork alpha is available for Ruby and Node.js and takes less than a minute to install and try for yourself.
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