About Metawork
We want to bring the power of understanding software to everyone, everywhere. To do so, we’re building an ambitious platform and a once-in-a-generation team guided by principles that encourage us to push the limits of what others believe possible.
Meet our team
Like every great and important quest, this one needs a party of adventurers who each bring something special to the group dynamic. We’re very proud that each of the incredible individuals listed below chose to join us in our mission. That said, we’re not wholly satisfied with the composition of our team, because it might be missing a critical member: you.
Our Investors
There’s a lot of talk in this industry about vision and leadership in fundraising for ambitious, game-changing enterprises, but in our experience there are only a select few who really get it. These folks have helped us gather over $26m to date to ready us for what comes next, and we’re so proud to have them aboard.
Guiding Principles
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Embrace (R)evolution
The only constant at Metawork is change—great teams, products, and systems can always be made better.
  • Understand the importance of the compounding effect of incremental improvement, but never shy away from radical changes if there are stepwise gains to be had.
  • Find, document, and fix flaws in every process and policy.
  • Reflect honestly on outcomes and their contributing factors, and your place in them.
  • Embrace both success and failure with equanimity and perspective.
  • Stay hungry for a perfection of product and culture we'll never attain—perfection is overrated, but its pursuit is underappreciated.
Build to Last
Metawork will be a lasting institution which shapes software development for years to come, and every decision must be viewed through that lens.
  • Enact policies and processes that make our lives easier—not harder—as we grow, even if they add some friction today.
  • Take your time to get things right—we move fast at Metawork by virtue of our tenacity, intelligence, and hard work, but velocity must be tempered by stability. Quantity is not quality at Metawork.
  • Think carefully about deadlines. They're critical to getting things to market for our customers (both internal and external), but be reasonably conservative when making estimates in order to account for unknown unknowns.
  • Be explicit and loud when you notice something falls short of our standard of quality.
  • Beware echo chambers—surround yourself with a diversity of perspectives to ensure convergence on the right long-term solution.
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principle-container principle-gif
Question Everything
We seek to understand problems from first principles, because world-changing solutions tend to arise out of such exploration.
  • Nothing is sacrosanct and beyond questioning at Metawork—not even this principle.
  • Expect to defend your assertions vigorously at all times. A corollary to this imperative is to bring conclusive data with which to defend your assertions.
  • Question in good faith—don't engage in sophistry just to make trivial, esoteric, or unrelated points. Such debate tends to waste time without productive result.
  • Voice instinctive or intuitive positions when reasonable, but be prepared for debate on them. These kinds of positions—while rarely dispositive—often provide excellent springboards to the right solution.
  • Accept decisions with equanimity. This principle does not read "question any one thing forever".
  • Evaluate an idea on its own merits, not on the basis of who expresses it, or how forcefully they express it.
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If the words on this page left you nodding your head in agreement, or shaking your head in excited disbelief, we should talk—you might just be a Metaworker and not know it yet.
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